That can happen during a day, a month, a week, or a year.Don’t consider travel as something that necessarily takes longer than a vacation.Don’t consider it as something that only certain demographics can do.Don’t consider it as something that needs superhuman powers or energy.

Think of it as something you’ll do once you put yourself out there, attempt to meet new people, escape of your temperature , and challenge yourself.Travel is the most magical once you let the times just unfold. It’s the random, unplanned encounters we all remember most. That can happen regardless of how long your trip is. 

There’s nothing wrong with a vacation. We all need time to unwind. But lets forgot this notion that travel requires longer than we get. It doesn’t. Travel isn’t about time. It’s about mindset. Put down your “must-see” checklist, accompany the flow, try new things, meet new people, and push yourself to new limits.

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